Swiss Aldi

I've only just recently discovered Aldi in Zurich.. and i'm a convert now !

Aldi is German discount supermarket and in Zurich its really great, you get great quality food about 30% cheaper than the competing supermarkets and they have a really nice organic range too see pics below..

serum It also has highly regarded and very cheap in my opinion cosmetic range.

Their anti-wrinkle serum was picked a winner on the mirror celebs on sunday survey. link to survey below, 2000 testers who did not know what they tested. I have a little bottle myself and I think there is something in the claim.

Mirror Celebs on Sunday Survey

I did once visit a couple stores in the Netherlands recently and it was awful, cramped unpleasent and the food did not look appealing so this may be just Switzerland Aldi, standards are pretty high in Switzerland.

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