Watching English Programs

Now.. I found here in Switzerland there is no BBC or english TV or German TV with English subtitles...

and too much German can be too much, as anyone will tell you who has watched 'malcolm in the middle' in German ..

So I found a website where you can watch Movies (in English) online and it has given me much pleasure.. domain

it does not however give the American authorities much pleasure ! They siezed the domain June 30 2010 and I thought oh nooo! disaster! that site was brilliant!

Well the owners within minutes made live what must be their back-up domain and you can use the site again, just under a different domain name

watch movies

This whole story has something to do with copyright infringement, the site does not actually store the copyright infringing movies, it gathers information on which file sharing sites the movies are available on and shows you links to the sites.

So it essentially facilitates copyright piracy rather than infringing it perse. A bit like a pimp and a prostitute.. i suppose
and this has got the movie studios and the American authorities mad.

On the other hand you can also imagine the general public who are also getting mad - after paying 15 dollars to see Bruno in the cinema :)

Well there is now a new twist in the story and the site, as of about 10 July 2010, now also shows NO links.. so its no longer useful to find movies.. what to do you ask..

Well all is not lost, if you google the name of the movie and a known filesharing site you will usually find something.

The best file sharing sites I have found to be are Megavideo, vidreel, videoweed, wisvid, tomwans, xtshare and novamov.

ps. You can also watch an amazing selection of foreign films, its been really wonderful for that alone, they are not generally films you see on tv or in the cinema so its a great to see other parts of the world through the moviemakers eyes.

They are more often than not clean too as the obscenity laws are a little stricter than in the US.