Making Learning German Easy


German Manuals (pdf)


German Demystified
German Demystified


Very Good from start to finish.
GermanCompleteIdiotsGuide GermanCompleteIdiotsGuide


Starts being ok from mid Section 2, 1st section annoying.


Good to use in conjunction with German Demystified.
German Basic Vocabulary Langenscheidt


Useful sentences by topic.
575 German Verbs

Handy to help with the different conjugations.

German Synonyms

Have not used, looks ok for more advanced German.


TV programs with German Sub-titles
To find sub-titled programs :
Click on TV-Programm,
then 'mit Untertitel',
then scroll down to 'in Deutsch'
then 'Los geht's!'
Sub-Title Page Numbers
DasErste/ARD - 150
BR - 150
Kabel Eins - 149
ORF1/ORF2 - 777
Sat 3 - 777
Schweiz1/Schweiz2 - 777
SWR - 150
ZDF - 777
RTL - 444
pro7 - 149


GE->EN and EN->GE Translation (Online with Audio)


Google Translate

Mostly very good, proper punctuation gives a better translation. Capitalise the word The to get gender of noun. You can see side by side translation with the toggle in the top right hand corner.

Free Translation

Very good but asks you to register after some use.


GE->EN and EN->GE Dictionary (Online with Audio)

The best in my opinion as you dont have to toggle between GE->EN and EN->GE, it just knows


News in German (Online with Audio)

I like it because they have interesting articles to help expand your vocabulary. Articles can be about bears, national monuments, trade, winemaking in South Africa.. etc